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Equorum Stable Yard

 In the Stableyard, you can browse through our stud book, where you are sure to find a stallion to suit your needs. When you find that perfect horse or pony, you can hand pick the perfect offspring for your yard. Choose all sorts of standard options, such as colour & gender or choose something more elaborate like having your horse feathered or shod.

The success of our breeding can be seen in the offspring produced from Equorum horse and pony stallions. Every horse and pony we “breed” are true to its real life counterpart, immaculately turned out and ready to arrive at your yard as you specify. We often have Equines which are already weaned and ready to go immediately so do check out “Load the Lorry” where you will find these beautiful animals. We trust that you will enjoy visiting the stallions standing at the Equorum Stud.

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