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Nestled deep in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, you will find The Equorum Stud.  Named simply, Equorum, a Latin term meaning ‘of horses’, The Equorum Stud is a model horse enthusiasts paradise where you will find exquisite model horses and ponies sculpted in latex and bred from outstanding true to life stallions and brood mares.

The Equorum Stud is a young, small stud, which excels in producing top class horses and ponies.  You will find breeds, not only from the British Isles but also from around the world.  In the coming months Equorum is expecting several more stallions and brood mares to join the superb horses and ponies they already have in their stable. 

Each model horse or pony is bred for its competition ability.  So any horse or pony bought from The Equorum Stud is certain to shine in their chosen field of competition or will equally make a prize addition to a private owner’s string of horses.  Every quarter we have our own Equorum Stud competition, click here to find out what our current competition entails.

Every model horse or pony bred within The Equorum Stud will arrive in your yard fit and ready for competition.  Their fitness will show through the muscle definition in their shoulders and hind quarters and they will be turned out in their natural state with glossy coats, manes and tails.’

We hope you enjoy visiting The Equorum Stud and we look forward to breeding an exquisite model horse for you.

A Note For Collectors

All Equorum model horses are made to 1/12 scale in latex (rubber) with cotton stuffing and wire support in the legs to facilitate the posing of your horse, pony or foal.

The colouring for each horse is mixed individually and consequently no two horses will ever be exactly the same colour. The paint used is a compatible malleable paint, which is recognised and passed by the British paint standards and Health and Safety regulations.

Manes and tails are made from raw silk or flax where appropriate to create an authentic scale feeling; each one is individually dyed to achieve the correct matching colour for the breed.

Equorum Model Horses should be regarded as ‘collectables’ and not used as children’s toys due to the inherent risk of the wire leg supports to children under the age of 14 years.

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